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Information for visitors

PLA Blaník visitor regulations

General guidelines within the Blaník Protected Landscape Area

Blaník PLA's mission is preserving the natural resources and the work of our ancestors - buildings, meadows and fish ponds. Following these rules you can contribute to ensuring that the beauties of the region under the hill of Blaník can be preserved.

  • Camping and making fires in the open country including bivouacking is possible only at designated and marked camp sites.
  • Climbing and camps of all kinds can be operated only with the approval of the Blaník PLA Administration.
  • Any public and mass events outside the built-up area of towns and villages as well as places designated for such activities must be consulted in advance with the Blaník PLA Administration; this includes cross-country running and orienteering.
  • When moving throughout the PLA Blaník territory, do not intentionally damage the vegetation. Avoid catching wildlife and disturbing it with excessive noise.
  • Take your rubbish home - it does not belong in the country. Thank you for taking away any waste thoughtlessly left behind by others.
  • Your vehicle cannot enter any places off the public roads. Use designated car parks.
  • Do not damage any signs and other displays of information throughout the protected areas, including those along hiking and nature trails, as considerable funding has been spent on developing all the resources designed to serve visitors.
  • While in a nature reserve and nature monument, move along marked hiking and nature trails or public roads. Moving off the trail can damage valuable forest tree seedlings or protected flowers.

Compliance with laws of nature and landscape protection shall be inspected by members of National Ranger Association (Stráž přírody).

Every Blaník PLA visitor is obliged to respect the ranger instructions and recommendations and to prove their identity if requested.

Violation of nature and landscape protection regulations may be classified as an offence or crime and then punished by law.

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